Main types of Insurance
Body-Borneman is a comprehensive independent insurance agency located in Pennsylvania whose aim is to satisfy all your insurance needs with only the highest of standards. They have four convenient locations in Boyertown, Pottstown, Phoenixville, and West Chester.

Body-Borneman excels at providing professional guidance in the complicated world of insurance, whether it is for commercial or personal needs. With their friendly and knowledgeable expertise, you can rest assure that your assets are protected even under the most unfortunate of circumstances. After all, your insurance agent is the person you will look to in the unexpected event of loss or accident.

Why Choose an Independent Agent?

We must keep in mind that there are important considerations that should be made when choosing an insurance agency. There are two types of insurance agencies. The first called a captive agent, which represents one specific insurance company. It is easy to presume by the very description of a “captive agent,” that coverage would be extremely restrictive. While this arrangement may serve a few, most people need the ability to choose from a variety of options that best suit their individual needs.

The second type of insurance agency has independent agents. They partner with several insurance companies. The obvious advantage for the independent agent is the ability to obtain quotes from several companies to secure the lowest available price. You must be mindful that cost is not necessarily an indication of the “best possible deal.” Body-Borneman chooses only A-rated insurance carriers in order to impart superior coverage and representation. The dedicated and hardworking staff at Body-Borneman is committed to providing the best customer service to provide insurance that is tailored to service a wide range of insurance needs. More than that, at Body-Borneman, you effectively have your own personal insurance advisor. You are promptly afforded one on one consultations to assist you in the sometimes confusing aspects of insurance coverage.

Providing Great Coverage at the Best Possible Price

When shopping for automobile insurance, many carriers boast about having the lowest cost. They inundate consumers with television ads and junk mail. Several insurance companies resort to humor to sell their product. While we may appreciate the comic relief in between our regularly scheduled programming, insurance is no laughing matter. Inadequate coverage can be devastating. Suddenly, that cheap premium is meaningless because the carrier is trying to mitigate their losses rather than yours. You simply cannot afford to sacrifice coverage for the price.

Finding a reputable A-rated insurance company is the first step in acquiring exceptional protection. Trying to understand and sort through mandatory coverages can be a daunting task. What exactly is liability insurance and how much should I carry? What is the difference between liability, uninsured, underinsured and medical benefits coverages? Many people are perplexed by the difference in coverage provided by collision insurance versus comprehensive coverage.

There are deductibles to be considered and understood how they are applied if there is a claim, not to mention, how the deductible amount affects the overall premium. There is a wide range of possible discounts when putting together a new insurance policy. There are safe driver discounts, anti-lock brake discounts, anti-theft equipment, multiple vehicles, low annual mileage discounts, and so much more. Maybe you have taken a defensive driver training course or have side airbags in the event of an impact.

Your Body-Borneman agents know the precise questions to ask to maximize your premium discounts and to save you more money on the total cost without sacrificing coverage. They will take the time explain the details of the various insurance coverages as well as advise you on the limits that would provide you with the best protection for your individual needs. Since Body-Borneman has collaborated with only the best insurers, you will have company representation in your time of need. Why not put your concerns into their capable hands? You will gain the knowledge and confidence you need to make informed decisions.

Nobody wants to think about the possibility of tragedy. Can the faceless 800 number provide a personal sense of security and trust? Captive agents do not always have your best interest at heart. That is not a question that anyone should have to ponder when entrusting an independent agent with their insurance needs.

Clients deserve superior representation from their insurance agency. Body-Borneman is committed to you by applying the appropriate safeguards and unparalleled advocacy. The whole point of insurance is to bestow peace of mind. Body-Borneman accomplishes this through their ability to foster trust with their dedication to individualized customer service. Their desire to develop a long-term personal relationship with each client to protect them in the event of an accident or other unexpected hardship. They strive for total customer satisfaction which is evidenced by their client retention. At Body-Borneman, you are a person, not just another policy premium.